Thursday, August 21, 2008


Yesterday I was just going into the kitchen to start cooking dinner when I heard the annoucer on the radio mention something about an opinion poll that had just been done on Boy Bands.

Now I listen to Classic Hits, a good station that playes hits from the 70's, 80's 90's and today.

Jason was going on about how this poll had just come out and that the number 1 Boy Band of all time was apparently "Take That"
He was asking if you agreed to this and if not who would you have voted for?
Got out my phone and text "Westlife. Playing one of their songs at my wedding next month"

About 5 minutes after sending the text, my phone goes and would you believe it is Jason from Classic Hits. Asks me a few questions, gets me to say a few things back to him and then says congrats on the wedding and good luck.

So I carried on sorting dinner but now with the radion turned up even more because I knew that when he came back on and discussed the Boy Band section I would be on the radio.
It was about 15 minutes later and suddenly he is talking about them and then went to the calls he had received about them.
And yes there was my call. Such fun.


To then have my mobile go off with a text about 2 seconds after my section had played was a little scary.
The text was from a friend of mine Vanessa which said "Westlife! I'm not coming then!"

I mean what was the chances of anyone I know hearing me on the radio, let alone Vanessa of all people!

So I quickly called her, laughing the whole time, apparently she had just got in her car and on came the radio and there I was.
As she said "You never know who will be listening!?"
Gave us both a great end to the day :)

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