Monday, September 17, 2007

500 kms Later

This weekend has just been a marathon travel for us, and the boys have been so good during it all.
Yes we travelled 500kms this weekend.
We left home on Saturday morning about 10am, to go to Hamilton to meet the lady renting the house to us so we could officially sign the papers.
All went well here and she was very happy to meet us.
We will meet her again in 2 weeks time when we collect the key from her, we don't start paying rent until Sept 29, so can't really have the keys prior to that.
Then we got in the car and carried on to Rotorua, with mum and Iain & co arriving on Wednesday, we needed to make sure all forms of transportation is available for them to get home with when they leave us, so that meant we had to collect mum and dad's camper van.

So we had a lovely night in Rotorua with my Aunty and Uncle, who kindly put us up for the night. Ben and Alex spent time with Jazz and Chedan(my cousin's children). Steve and I got to relax a little.
We collected the van and then on Sunday morning we drove to Papamoa to:

  1. Drop of my cousin's children who had been in Rotorua and needed a ride home

  2. To go and look at the local campsite and see if they would have space to take our new caravan we are looking at getting.

This was a lovely time, despite the rain! Where had the sun gone from the day before? So we checked out the campsite and sadly we don't think we will be able to place our caravan there, but no worries we will sort something out.

So then we started the marathon journey home, unfortunately we ended up stopping 4 times, once or twice just to have a quick drink and a biscuit and yes once was for clearing up Alex who succeeded in throwing up spectacularly just before we were going to stop for dinner.

We stopped for dinner at the same restaurant we seem to have stopped at for the last 3 times we have travelled home. Beginning to get to know their menu and what is actually good and hot and what is not. The boys love their toasted cheese sandwich with a slice of ham on the side and at the end of the day it is their dinner that I am more worried about, Steve and I can eat anything later on when we get home but they are always so tired so we have to stop so we know they will eat.

So we finally got home at 7.30 on Sunday evening, very tired, but having successfully achieved everything we needed to this weekend.

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