Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Camper Van

As we flew down to Wellington we decided to do something different to get us back to Auckland. So we organised to relocate a camper van from Wellington to Auckland.

This means that we got a camper van very cheaply because they are always having one way bookings and then have vans stuck in parts of the country where they don't need them, so rather than pay for a driver to go and get the van, they rent them to the public at a very cheap rate, like $5 per day instead of the standard rate of $114 per day, you do have a limited amount of time that you can take to get the van back but they are very adaptable. Check out here if you want more details, it covers New Zealand and Australia.
The boys thought this was a wonderful idea and had great fun for 3 days in the van.
The van we obtained was a 6 berth, so had plenty of space for all of us and our stuff, was a little old, but served the purpose we needed. The boys thought the bed at the top was fun, but they were too little to be able to sleep up there, so it became our storage area, very useful actually.
It was good fun, but nice to eventually get home and stop moving! felt like I had been on the move for days.

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