Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Where were you 2?

Yes it is that fateful day 6 years on and the question many will always ask is...Where were you?

I was in Hong Kong, having just flown in from New Zealand the evening before. It was 9pm in the evening and we had had a full day sight seeing and were having a quiet evening in the hotel room on the 23rd floor!
They interrupted the tv programme to show us CNN news and then we tuned into CNN to watch everything unfold.

Our biggest worry was the fact we were due to leave Hong Kong on the Thursday and fly to London! And of course London suddenly went into high security alert and shut!

So the next few days were a little weird not knowing if we could continue our holiday or not.

We got to London ok on the Friday but spent the rest of our 6 week holiday in England watching the news and wishing to go home really soon so we could get away from it all in New Zealand.

I have friends in OH and CA but I know they were all ok. All my family were either in NZ or UK so no worries there, but I felt for the people in New York.

Like everyone else I can not believe it happened, but I hope people have been able to get some sort of life back together 6 years later.

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