Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Sick Boy Again

So as the party finished on Sunday I happen to notice Alex's eye...full blown raging conjunctivitis. At least we have a reason for the significantly high temps. Only bugger of it is that we have to go back to the emergency doctor as you can only get drugs for this through them, not straight from a pharmacy.
So to begin with we thought we would wait and visit our own doctor first thing the next day, but with another temp of 39.6, we decided we couldn't wait.
So 7.45 at night, I am having cute little conversations with Alex as we wait to see the doctor, again!
Luckily he was fab, told us of this bug going round and Alex had all the classic symptoms, so 1 script for eye drops and antibugs later and we are sailing.
Alex is just such an angel, before we got home he had already told me that he would sit on the side in the kitchen, that he would put his dummy beside him and that daddy would give him his medicine and that mummy would put the stuff in his eyes.
And true to his word we have had no trouble getting any of this stuff into him, he has been very cooperative with it all.

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