Monday, September 17, 2007

The Joneses

The Joneses are the real estate company we used to sell our house.
There was a letter from them when we got home yesterday saying congratulations on the successful sale of our house and thank you for using them over any other real estate agent etc.

They also included a CD of all the marketing pictures they took, so we have a nice memory of our house. The CD case has a nice picture of our house on the front with a SOLD sign over it.

They also wished us all the best of luck and included 2 lottery tickets for the next 2 draws!!
How cool is that, something so small but so cute.

That made us both smile and was such a nice token gesture from them.

So a huge thank you to Jane and Adam from The Joneses, we really appreciate what you did for us and all the help you gave us. Also thank you for answering all those silly emails and calls we probably made when trying to work out what happened next or when something was going to happen.

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