Saturday, September 01, 2007

Waitakere Tramline

Because we have been spending so much time sorting the house out, we decided to pre plan something special for the boys as they have been so good during our house selling time.
So last weekend we went on this little adventure because it was a train of sorts and trains go down very nicely in this house. It was nice to see the dam at the end but not our main reason for taking the trip.

Nestled in the beautiful Waitakere Ranges, approximately 30 minutes from Auckland's CBD is the Waitakere Tramline.
Built in the early 1900's for the construction of the Waitakere Dam, this 2-foot gauge tramline is a working piece of history.
The upper 2.5 km portion of the line has been retained by Watercare for maintenance of the pipeline. The lower 3.5 km portion,
was removed around 1927.
This tramline takes you on the 2.5 km portion so you can visit the dam at the end.

During the journey, we past through two tunnels, one was very long, about 1 km, can't say the boys were too thrilled with this small dark tunnel that seemed to go on for ever, but they liked the small amount of glowworms that we got to see just before the end of the tunnel, Alex said they looked like stars. They did enjoy going over the small bridges and viaducts though.
When we stop at the end of the line you had the opportunity to walk up the steps and onto the top of the dam. There was a lot of steps, a little steep and seemed to go up and up.
Once at the top it was just 20m to the edge of the dam, which looked so nice on one side all that water, the other side took a bit of getting use to, because it just dropped down to the bottom and believe me it was a long way down!
Can you spot the train in the trees?

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Dad said...

HI yah, like all the blogs, well done. By the way 'passed'is spelt like this not 'past'. That means something different!!
Love Dad xx