Monday, September 03, 2007

Sick Car

So here we are running all over the house on Sunday morning, trying to get it looking ok for the open home. Our hearts are really not in it and the boys are driving us mad.
We have got the Real Estate people coming at 10.30 with the new owners who want to do their building inspection prior to the open home and at 9.30 I am ready to cancel the whole thing.
I have got ants running up the wall in the kitchen, seems there is something they like about the kitchen window which is attracting them in droves, wish I knew what it was as the place is spotless and they seem to be out looking for stuff rather than actually finding anything and sending out the troops.

I can't believe we manage to pull it off, but only just, I am still on my hands and knees cleaning the floor as they arrive to inspect the place.
So while I finish off Steve puts the boys in the car ready for us to just nip to the supermarket for the little things we have forgotten for the party today.
All ready and set to go, we say bye and jump in the car.
Real shame the car doesn't actually want to go anywhere!!!

So there we are, someone walking up the driveway to see the house and us sat in the garage cursing the car.
So plan 2 comes into action.
Again I jump into Grandma's car with a child and go to the supermarket and yet again Steve calls the Roadside Rescue and waits for them to come and visit us.

Out arrives the same man as last night, who then apologises for not checking properly the night before. Does the little check he should have done yesterday and annouces that sadly we need a new battery.
Funny thing is this doesn't shock us, as there is something about the car that hasn't seemed right for a week or 2, but with the service due next month we just thought it was getting ready for a good tune up.

All this and then it starts to rain! Wouldn't mind except we are meant to be going on a train ride this afternoon.

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