Saturday, September 01, 2007

Moon Eclipse

Last Tuesday (28th) the Southern Hemisphere had the wonderful pleasure of a total eclipse of the moon at about 9 in the evening.
It was quite spectacular in between the odd bit of fast moving cloud that kept coming over.
Now I thought I would try and capture some pictures of this on the digital, of course I had a feeling I wouldn't get much with just our little camera, and also I had never really taken any nights shots before.

So I was well impressed with what I actually got, although I did learn alot along the way, like you have to give the camera time to actually register the picture before you move, although the results I got from moving are actually way cool.

So this little collection of snaps shows you some of my more spectacular shots I managed to create (moving by accident of course) and also the one or two that actually show you the eclipse.

No this is not cloud around the moon, this is what happens when you move before the picture is complete.

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