Sunday, September 23, 2007

Parents Centre

The weekend has been very busy as we flew to Wellington on Friday so I could attend the National Conference of the organisation that I volunteer for Parents Centre New Zealand.
They are an organisation that hosts and organises Childbirth Education Classes and Parent Education classes once the baby is born. Check out their
web site for more exact details of what is on offer.

The boys had a ball on the plane, although Ben decided once we were about 2 minutes up after take off that he had had enough now and that we could go down now, but after a little reassurance everything was good, it was only an hour long flight so nothing too hard, although Ben didn't like the blocked ears he got as we were coming down and there were a few tears there. Alex thought it was all good fun and as usual didn't want to be strapped into his seat, but we survived and I think they both enjoyed their little adventure on the plane.
Unfortunately I wish I could say the same for the shuttle to the hotel, this was organised by the conference and it took an hour to get us from the airport to the hotel, after doing a ticky tour of Wellington to drop others off first! So that meant that at 5pm we were still in the shuttle, with the boys being so good but quickly loosing it because they had had enough and were getting hungry and thirsty!
So it was great to get to the
hotel and have them be so on to it, check in took 2 minutes and we were in the restaurant before they opened at 6pm, but that didn't matter, they were so good with the boys, even found out what the chef had in the kitchen that the boys could eat without us having to ask. The young waiter we had, Adam, was fabulous, he went out of his way to assist us and even predicted some of the stuff we would need and just appearred with it before we had asked. When you are travelling with a 2 & 4 year old, this makes all the difference to enjoying the time away or stressing out. Thank you Adam, you made our time away so enjoyable.

The room was small but suitable, it had 2 double beds and a lovely little kitchenette area, with dishwasher and washing machine!
Seeing as the boys were only going to be with us there for 1 night, it was just right.

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