Sunday, September 02, 2007


I don't know so much that yesterday was a complete disaster, but everything sure as hell went hay wire if it could!!
It started late on Friday evening when the Real Estate Office called to confirm our Open Home for this weekend. I know what you are thinking, you have sold why run an open home? Well until it goes unconditional in 7 working days time, we still need to cover ourselves in case it all fell over. Not that we are too worried as the only things they had to sort was a builders report and a LIM report from the council. As mentioned before, we are not worried about the LIM and we are sure there is nothing they will find in a builders inspection.
Anyway, so they tell us everything is all set for the showing on SUNDAY at 11.
No I say, we have a 4 year old birthday party that day, we can't accomodate an open home as well. Luckily Jane calls a little later and apologises and smooths it all out. But the open home is still on the Sunday.

So on Saturday morning we go off and do our weekly shopping, but Alex just doesn't seem himself, a real handfull in the shop and half a sleep by the time we get home at 11, so I take him into bed and there is where he stayes for the next 3 hours!
This is the first thing to jump out at me, the next was the raging temp he had when he woke up! About 38.7, so we do the usual of stripping him off, juice and Panadol and I spend the next hour or so sitting with a clinging little boy.
As I am preparing dinner Steve thinks he should see a doctor, because he had only not long ago finished antibugs for an ear infection and if it was relapse we wanted to get on top of it straight away. Ok I say we will go after dinner.
Anyway, after dinner Ben kicks up a huge fuss and so we have to have a family trip out to the emergency medical centre otherwise we will never hear the end of it from Ben.

This was a good idea until we got to the garage where we happen to notice the light is on inside the car! Our first thought is that Ben, who had just been outside, had obviously been playing with the car door and not closed it properly, unfortunately when we try to go we find this to not be the case. ONE DEAD BATTERY.
Don't you just love little boys for playing, we think Ben must have switched the inside light to ON earlier in the day and we hadn't noticed and then it drained the battery, very weird, but hey seemed good idea at the time.
So Steve and Ben called the State Roadside Rescue and I take Alex to the doctors. Thank god for Grandma and Grandad's car, that is with us until they get back here in 2 weeks time.

One very high temp later but no other symptoms, they tell us to keep going with the Panadol and have a good night. Yea right, shall I call you at 3am when he is screaming the house down!?

We get home just in time to see the nice man start our car and laugh a long with us at what a delight little kids are.
Alex decides then that he is feeling alright and really wants to get in the bath, so I let him splash for 2 minutes, unfortunately I don't think it did him much good because 5 mintues after getting out he is shaking away and has a temp of 39.7!
All I can think about is "why does someone always have to be sick when there is a child's birthday in the family" can see Ben's party tomorrow being really great with Alex sick!

Lucky for us though he finally settled and crashed for the whole night, which was good.

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