Friday, September 14, 2007

My Brother

Today my brother and his family start a new chapter in their life....they are emigrating to New Zealand.
Yes it seems that everything is happening to my family all at the same time.
In fact Steve and Iain are both starting their new jobs on the same day....Oct 1.

So at 14.15 today they board their first flight this way.
They are joining mum and dad in Dubai for 4 days and then mum is flying with them to NZ on Wednesday next week.
We are all going to the airport to meet them and then they will stay with us over night before going down to Rotorua, where they will be living in our parents house for the next year.

Mum is staying with them for a week to get them all settled and sorted and then she is flying back to Dubai.

So all the best to my little brother and his tribe, Claire (wife), Ellis (6) and Harvey (3).
I look forward to getting to know you all and having our boys get to be great mates with your boys, they are cousins after all.

See you really soon.

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