Wednesday, September 19, 2007

They Have Arrived

So after a manic morning at work I finally found myself, with the family at the airport.
We had our signs ready and we raced upstairs to the big windows to watch the plane land.
We were lucky enought to catch it land and taxi all the way to the gate right in front of us.
So the boys got to see the plane right up close and watch all the men doing the work as they emptied the luggage, checked everything and prepared it for the next trip.

Grandma and Grandad have been arriving at the airport so much in Ben's life that the sign we have to wave when they arrive is preprinted and laminated! Stuck nicely on a stick, it gets loads of remarks when ever we go to the airport.
People always smile to see Ben with his sign, they think it is so cute.

Here they come, nearly at the gate.
Unfortunately it was all a little emotional when we finally saw them face to face, so didn't manage to get any pictures, but had a lovely big cuddle, with tears, from my baby brother.

So great to finally have them here.

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