Friday, September 07, 2007

Daylight Saving Time

For many years people have been mumbling every March that Daylight Saving should be extended.
We always have so many more glorious days after the clocks have changed to winter time.

So a year or 2 ago an 2 MP's (Peter Dunn and Mark Holmes) ran with the idea of extending our daylight savings by about 3 weeks.
This would give people extra time to spend evenings outside, which is good for everyone getting more fresh air, but also good for the enviroment as there would be less surge on the electricty grid as everyone got home.
It would also be good for New Zealand's tourist industry as there would be longer hours for people to visit and enjoy beautiful areas within NZ.
It would also make people think that our summer had extended, because people always seem to think that summer has ended when the clocks change.

So the MP's took this to parliament at the beginning of this year, as the clocks were about to change and put their arguement forward, along with a petition signed by over 42,000 people.
They got all the backing they required and was......SUCCESSFUL

So March next year our change over from summer to winter will happen 3 weeks later than previous years.
So on Sept 30 2007, our summer daylight saving time will start and will continue right through till April 6, 2008.

This apparently does still not bring us into line with other countries and the amount of daylight savings weeks they have, but it does bring us closer.
We will extend from 24 weeks (as set in 1990) to 27 weeks.
The US has 34 weeks and Great Britain has 31, so at least we are getting closer.

So well done that person. I think New Zealand will benefit from this incredible change and so will the people.

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