Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Full Time Work

So this week I have started my full time work for a fortnight.
So far it is going alright, although a little boring.
Monday was my first day of teaching the nurses in Waikato Hospital about the extra software that is being updated on their IV Infusion Pumps.
I had 6 sessions to teach. No one turned up to the first session, I had 1 person at the 2nd and 2 at the 3rd. The afternoon sessions were not much better, with only about 2 people per session and no one for the last session at 4pm!
Yesterday was slightly better, I now felt more comfortable teaching the information so I think that made the day more fun.
Again no one turned up to the first session and then after that I has a steady stream. I even had 6 people in one session at one time, that was fun.

So what do I do in between sessions and when no one turns up?
I sit and read a magazine and catch up on some very long over due sewing.
Yes that is right, I am being paid $47 an hour to embroider my quilting squares!
Yesterday I managed to use the over head projector as a light box to put some designs on some material that I need to stitch. Now I just have to put the backing on to allow me to stitch it.
So for the first time in a year I am actually getting some stitching time in, also I have a long over due quilt to finish for a present that was due last November!

So maybe this working full time is not all that bad!

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