Friday, June 27, 2008

Living Together

Steve and I have been together for just over 8 years.
Like all relationships we have our good days and bad and the relationship takes work.

I am always looking at books when I see something that takes my fancy to find other little different ways to make things work, to get ideas for what has worked for other people and to find some fun things to keep the relationship fun and interesting.

One such book was one I borrowed from a friend a couple of weeks ago.
It was called 'The Making of Love' Staying in love as a couple.....even with kids!
It is by Steve & Shaaron Biddulph and is their expanded and revised edition.

The book was apparently first written in 1998 and they had just been about to retire it, but people kept commenting on it and hailing it as such a success to their relationship, so in the author's words...

"So instead of a dose of euthanasia, the book has been resuscitated, massaged, Viagra'd and given a major renovation!'

I thought that was such a cute thing to write about a book.

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