Sunday, June 22, 2008


I currently work at a Private Day Surgical Hospital.
All the cases we do are predominately day stay and they usually go home within 3-6 hours of completion of surgery.
This is my first time working in a Private setting and it sure is different to the Public setting.
I honestly thought there would be more variety in the instruments and resources we have for the surgeons, but I am told all the time that what we have is what they get! I thought the Consultants would at least get to use what they would like to use!
The work I currently do is a little boring, and some of their nursing practices do leave me a little cold, nothing too serious, but enough to make me question my own practices all the time.
I currently work 3 days a fortnight, and pick up extra lists when I am able to, as long as it fits in with the family.
I predominately work on Dental lists at present, which amounts to a large load of Wisdom Teeth and the occassional implant work.
Now the people I work with are a great bunch and so it does make for an enjoyable day when you work with good people. You can get through 4 or 5 wisdom teeth extractions in an afternoon very easily with the jokes flying and the music playing.

But.....I don't feel the job is going anywhere. It is a little hap hazard, if the surgeon doesn't have a list then I don't work, sometimes I don't feel there is a routine to what lists I do and so you loose interest very easily. There is also no oppurtunity to advance to anyother position and I think that is what is bothering me, to go to a better position means to leave the company.

The full time work I have just completed was at Waikato Hospital (Public) and the vibe just walking through the corridor put a spring in my step. Made me realise that as much as I love the people I currently work with, there has got to be more out there.

I want a job where I actually feel like I am achieving something, working towards something and even completing things.
Now yes I do get things done in my job, we get people's surgeries out of the way, take their pain away etc but it is not doing it for me.

I know a few people at the Public hospital and I bumped into one of them a couple of weeks ago. We did the usual catching up thing and then I mentioned about work. He told me of a few things that may be coming up and it got me excited. I decided that I needed to send him my CV so he could let me know if anything comes round.
The other day I passed him again in the corridor and he asked if I was into Research??
Turns out there is a Research Nurse with Trauma available and he wondered if it was something I was into.
I now have the job description and have read through it. I have even considered calling the person on it to ask more questions.
On the same day this got given to me I also had a chat with a lady I had just met and through talking to her it made me realise that I need to send my CV to some other people within the hospital.
So now I don't know if I am interesting in doing an 18 month research about why people have falls and injuries at home or whether it is just the first thing to make me sit up and look at what I am currently doing.
I guess just reading about a job that makes me have to think, work towards something and aim for the finish line are more important to me than I thought.

Whilst talking to the lady the other day I realised that I want a job that is problem solving, with organising and planning, taking situations, running with them and then working out why they are not working or even how we can make them work better and more efficient, all within a medical setting.

Hey not too much to ask for is it???

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