Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Not as They Seem

I have been over here in NZ for just over 10 years now.

There isn't really anything I miss from England apart from some nice food items.

Jaffa Cakes:

These are small round biscuit like cakes with a round orange jam slice on the top, topped with chocolate. They are devine and unfortunately the small pack of 12 you can buy just seems to dissappear way too quick for anyones liking.

There has even been debate throughout England at one stage as to whether this was in fact a biscuit or a cake, apparently it came down to how much tax McVities was prepared to pay on them. You apparently pay more tax on biscuits than you do cake in England.

Finger of Fudge:

This is a small finger of fudge covered in chocolate made by Cadbury's UK.
It is a small confectionary item and sells for about 15p (about 75c to a $1 NZ)

They again are devine and just big enough for a treat, well that is what the advertising campaign said all those years ago!

Alpen Cereal:

Alpen is a muesli cereal with hazlenuts and sultanas, made by the company Weetabix, same people who make Weetabix and Cocopops etc in UK

I am not a dried fruit person but this cereal is lovely and so easy to pick out the fruit part (I know fussy people!)

Now these 3 items are things that you can not get here in NZ freely, as in they are not in the supermarkets.
They are however imported by some people who have set up British Food Shops within New Zealand.
There is one such shop in Auckland, just round the corner from where we use to live.
We have frequented this shop occassionally and in fact I visited it on my way home from the funeral last week.

Now as usual what your memory remembers and what you think things where like are usually different and this time it is not different.
Jaffa Cakes and Fudges will never change, there is nothing they can do to them to ruin them in anyway shape or form.

Alpen on the other hand, well, I am sure if I had been eating it often over the last 10 years I wouldn't have noticed the difference, but having just eaten some for the first time in about 6 years or so, I definitely noticed a difference and I will not be rushing out to purchase another over priced box of imported cereal.

It just doesn't taste the same as I remember it!

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