Thursday, June 26, 2008


When I annouced that I was getting married, the first thing everyone asked, apart from where was it happening, was how are you having your hair?

My answer was "I have no idea...?!" like I have no idea on the theme I want, the style of my dress or come to think about it pretty much everything to do with the wedding, I was never one to sit and have it all planned when I was 12!

If you read the bridal magazines you will be overcome with all the beautiful pictures of brides in there, you will also notice the common theme that runs through and that is that all the brides are shown with long hair. Not one with short hair, almost as if you have to have long hair when you get married because that way you can have it so seductively piled high on your head with flowers wisping out of the style with the veil nicely stuck on top.

Well looks like I will be breaking with tradition yet again by having short hair!
The first thing my hair person and SIL said was "Grow your hair!" this was because at the time it had just been cut and was rather short.
However I never planned for it to have grown 20 inches in 6 months.
So I did as adviced, hey I've never been married before, I don't know the best amount of hair to have to maintain a veil throughout the proceedings!

Well this week I succumed and headed straight for the hairdressers. Take at least 1/2 an inch off all over please, I can't stand it looking like a birds nest for the next 3 months!
So now my hair is neat and tidy yet again, I feel human again and actually look better, more me.

So I will still be getting married in September with short hair, it won't be cropped short, just a reasonable length that is more me, the veil will sit nicely even if I have to glue it in place, but at the end of the day I will feel like me and will enjoy it more, rather than worrying about how it all looks and regret it later.

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