Sunday, June 15, 2008

Next Child!

This morning Alex decided that he didn't want to wear a nappy!
So we put little undies on him and told him he had to use the toilet.
We took him straight there and he did good.
A little while later he told us he needed to go and so off we trotted and did good again.
Unfortunately half hour later we had an accident.
Oh well part of the progress.

So here we are, 11.30am, 2 hours after we started and we are going well.
He has just gone when asked and I think we are in for a long day!

Unfortunately this week is not good for this type of training as Steve is off to Australia on business tomorrow for 4 days and I am working full time this coming week.
So unless daycare are prepared to keep it up right from the early stages and I can put up with all the wet washing each evening then we might be on the home ward bound of having 2 toilet trained children!

My babies are growing up, where did the time go??

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