Monday, June 30, 2008

Wedding Expo

Yesterday I went to a local wedding expo at the Hamilton Gardens.
It was a lovely little event and I managed to gain a few ideas for those last little things that I need to do.
Unfortunately I had already chosen a venue, photographer and a dress because that is what 90% of this expo was about.
But....I did manage to get a pair of shoes at 1/2 price and they are so cute, just what I was looking for.
I also managed to find out about companies within Hamilton that hire out decorations for parties, and as I so far have nothing to decorate the venue with then this was very helpful.
I will be going to check out their showroom very soon to get an idea of things to place on the table, like candle holders and vases etc

We don't actually have a theme as such that is running through, we have a colour and other than that we are just going with stuff that has meaning to us and just keeping it elegant.
The venue for the reception has coloured walls so I really don't want to load the tables with too much colour otherwise we will have a colour overload when you walk in the door. So the tables will have white linen and a very small amount of colour brought in on the table by candles and flowers. Still trying to decide if I want to have the chairs covered or not, will see what the company can do and also how much it will be.

I also met with my bridesmaid this last weekend to see if we could find a dress in a shop, as it is ball season here. We really didn't find anything in the right colour although we did find a really elegant dress that looked great on her, but it was in a grape colour, and although this is in the right spectrum of the colour we have chosen, it wasn't quite the right colour, so I think we will be getting a paper pattern from the shop and getting her dress made, although we will keep it quite simple.

I also have all my wedding lingerie ready for when I have my first dress fitting with Jodie. It is getting quite exciting now and I wish the wedding was very soon rather than 12 weeks away. Although we almost found a dress for Kerry that was a expensive as my underwear I just brought from the bridal shop, Kerry and my mum are going to have to squeeze me into this thing on the day, but it is comfortable and will make the dress and me look wonderful, just as it should for the bride.

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