Friday, June 27, 2008


I follow several blogs, ok they are all based in the US, but it doesn't mean I can't keep up with what they do.
Gen and Suz are both mothers of quads, yes that is right, 4 littlies all at once!
Gen's mob just turned 2 and Suz's mob turn 1 in August.
They both have wonderful stories to tell of their pregnancies and life with the quads.

Gen has just posted about a surprise holiday her husband organised, turned out the boys organised a secret weekend away with all the other quad mum's, which turned into a couple weekend. Yes Suz was there and it looks like they had a ball.
They are so lucky to have each other to talk to about what they are going through and i am so happy for them all to have had a wonderful time away together and to also have such wonderful husbands who went to all that trouble to secretly organise it.
Weel done guys

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Kent and Leisy said...

I would never want quads. wow- how overwhelming!!! and thanks for the well wishing with my family! I can't wait to see Kent tomorrow :)