Friday, June 20, 2008


Life has been busy this last week or so and getting close to the computer to do any sort of blogging has not been high on the list.
I have been working full time, which has not been too bad. A little boring with what I was actually doing, but different and fun.
Steve went to Australia for 4 days and so it was just me and the boys.
Was fairly easy just the 3 of us, had a good routine sorted and the days went along quite nicely.
In fact the first day we were really late out of the house was Friday when Steve was home!
If I hadn't been working then I think it might have been a long 4 days but hey we would have survived!
Good to have him home though.
The boys helped me make a sign that said "Welcome home daddy" on it, we put it on the wall at the bottom of the stairs so he would see it when he got home late on Thursday evening. It is actually still there at the moment, but will take it down today.

Would take a picture of it, but unfortunately the camera is not working, what happened you ask? That is another post and I will fill you in on it in a while...........let's just say Alex was involved!

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