Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday 13th

Yes folks that is correct, it is that special time again when everyone runs round in circles trying to decided if they are suspicious or not.
It is Friday the 13th.

Me, I actually think it is quite a cool day, but then I think my dad had something to do with that because many years ago he started a Friday 13th Club. Got the idea from the US when we lived there.

Now this club could only have 13 people attend the event, there were more registered, and they tried to have a lot of fun. They were all pretty close friends so it did help, although they lived all over England.
Now they did simple things like going out to dinner, where they got the restaurant to produce a menu where the price of everything was $13 or added to 13. To the very wild like spending 26 hours in Amsterdam or going brewery hopping in Edinborough in tuxedos and having to sample 13 different drinks.
The guys all paid $13 a month towards these days so when it came to the day it didn't cost as much, and as they don't happen very often it was simple to get the day off work.

So they embraced the day and had fun with it which I think was great.
I actually went to the first dinner, although in the rules no girls were allowed, but I think a special rule was passed just for that evening as I was the sober driver or something like that.

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