Sunday, January 30, 2011


I have found the public library again, I go through phases where I don't go very often and don't even come away with books, other times I am on the website reserving books in the next series I want from a particular author.

My latest author is a very easy read, nothing too hard to pick up or even put down. Everything is light hearted and as always with me, family romance is the main theme.
Debbie Macomber is the latest and she even has a website which I have looked through, finding out about all her books and what order certain ones come in so I read them correctly.
There is nothing I hate more than finding you have read a book in the wrong order, so I am always very careful when taking books from the library to ensure that it is not book #4 of 8 or anything stupid like that.

So I did sign up to updates from her website, just the usual sort of thing, what book is next out in paperback, what her latest book is and how other books have faired in the publics eye. Sometimes that influences whether I read the book or not but more often I read it anyway.

So imagine my surprise when I received a letter from them the other day.
Now don't get all excited, it was nothing but a flyer and 2 bookmarks, but it was fun to receive, especially as they are all based in the US and I am down here in New Zealand.

Interesting to read what is happening with the latest book coming out etc.
Wondering how long it will take for the local library to have them in and then also wondering how many copies they will get.

So I have to go now as I need to check out the library website and see what si available, catch you later.

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