Sunday, January 09, 2011

Sunflower Competition Update

Back in October, we started our family Sunflower competition.
In November they had started to grow quite significantly and we had already awarded the first prize "person to have the first shot appear", lucky for me it was one of mine that appeared first, yea!

So having come home from our little holiday away, this is what we found waiting for us....

The flowers have gone mental, they are over 1 1/2 metres tall and even though they seem to have small flower heads, some of them are at least 21cm wide.

Currently I am winning with the tallest flower at 161cm
And Alex is winning with the largest flower head at 21cm
Alex is also winning the shortest flower prize as well.

We are not sure when to end the competition, so are recording heights and size regularly until such time as we deem the competition over. Then we will look back at the recorded measurements and decide who indeed had the tallest flower and who had the largest flower head.

The prize for the "tallest flower" is either Ten Pin Bowling or Mini Golf, now which one am I the best at.....?

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