Monday, January 31, 2011

Sunflower Competition Final

Back in October we planted sunflower seeds and had an inter family competition to see who's grew the tallest and biggest flower.
When we returned from our holiday away over Christmas we were greeted with lovely big flowers and tall plants.

We duely marked on the sheet who had the tallest, who had the biggest flower etc.
At the time I had the tallest flower and Alex had the largest flower head.

Sadly we gained a small sprinkling large amount of rain one weekend and we lost all the sunflowers!

So we didn't have to decide when to end the competition as mother nature kindly did it for us!
The results of the competition are as follows:
  1. I won the tallest flower at 161cm
  2. Alex won the largest flower head at 21cm
  3. And we changed this part from shortest flower to smallest flower head, just the seed area. Ben won this with about 8cm.
This all equates to the following:
  1. I get to choose between playing mini golf or 10 pin bowling
  2. Alex gets to choose where we go to have dinner one evening
  3. Ben gets a choclate bar
Everyone had lots of fun, especially as for a long time Steve's plants were doing the best and were always the tallest. In fact at one stage we thought maybe he was creeping out in the middle of the night and feeding his plants because they were doing that well compared to everyone elses.
But hey, just goes to show, you have to have patience and you never know, you might just come up from behind and win the whole thing.

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