Monday, January 10, 2011


Just before Christmas my cousin had the pleasure of marring her wonderful boyfriend. They had been planning the wedding for over a year. It just seemed to take a long time coming round.

Of course all the family were there for it.

My 3 guys

Me and my boys

Looking good, looking good

Me and my mum

Crazy group of people!

Nice family picture

Whilst in the church Alex kept Grandad busy by reading the bible with him. Now Alex has not had anything to do with churches and Dad is a sworn Atheist, so to watch these 2 together was just awesome. I got some wonderful shots of Dad and Alex in deep conversation.

The main conversation was to do with the maps that were in the bible, as we have lived in many of the countries being shown and Alex thought this was wonderful.

Lucy and Gareth got married in Rotorua and had their reception up the Skyline Sky Ride.

Beautiful Bride

Handsome Groom
Their reception was actually held half way down one of the luge tracks in the venue that is hidden in the forest. Of course there were only 2 ways to get there, yep that is right, you could do the boring thing and sit in the van and get driven down OR you could be wild and adventurous and luge you way to the venue.


Father of Bride
Bride and Groom

Guess which way most people went? Yes a lot of fun was had just in the sheer pleasure of getting there. The kids all thought this was awesome.

The venue was a devine marque in the middle of the forest and the food was, as always, lovely. Loads of fresh seafood which the Skyline always offer.

A wild party evening was had by all and everyone had a great time celebrating the happy union.

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