Tuesday, January 11, 2011


It doesn't seem that long since I started my 100 Challenges, but suddenly we are heading to 2 months past and only 10 more to go!

I have of course completed Challenge #1

Notebooks brought to record the year with
So yea to me, my first Challenge cross off

I have also completed Challenge #45 (Start to collect something you like)
I have decided to collect Snowmen ornaments for the tree.
Just the right time of year to start this collection too.

And I have gone through and noted things towards several challenges that I am working on. Please do note that we are currently in our summer here so things that involve long dark nights etc will have to wait until winter kicks in in June.

Challenge #43 - Our veggie garden is currently growing and when I have something to give away I will with pleasure. We are currently growing lettuce, eggplants, courgette, corn and tomatoes.

Challenge #31 - Walk on the beach at night - I wanted to do this whilst we were away over Christmas but unfortunately we had to wait until 10pm before it was really dark enough, so I have decided that we will make this a family event later in the year, say maybe Easter, then it will be darker earlier and we can all enjoy this one.

Challenge #63 - I still haven't decided on a cookbook to cook through, but will attempt to secure a book soon now that the holiday is all over with and life is getting back to normal.

Challenge #3 - knit a scarf for a friend - I have the wool and am just going to wait for the winter evenings to come in as this is definitely one for those long winter evenings.

Challenge #78 - send picture to friend - I have found a picture that I love and will get it printed on my next day off and get it sent off.

Challenge #73 - 7 places to visit - I have started my list, but have visited some many places that I actually need to review and decide on the Top 7 so I can write about why I want to visit each place with the children.

Challenge #88 - Eat by candlelight - again something that the whole family will enjoy but will have to be planned for winter time

So that is where I am up to with my 100 Challenges.
I have thought long and hard about how to make it easy for everyone to see where I am at with the challenges. Yes you can check out the challenges page at the top, but felt there had to be something more visable without having to travel all over the blog, so have decided to add it to my monthly picture on the top right hand side bar, this way it is always visable when ever you come and check out a post.

Have you got any challenges you want to achieve?
Let me know and I will pop on over and check them out.

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