Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Flower Show

Towards the end of last term at school, the boys came home with a notice to annouce that the Junior School were putting on a Flower Show.
Oh help thought I?

It got a little confusing towards the end, with regards to exactly what they needed to take to school, unfortunately our 2 are not the biggest on giving you much warning about when things need to be there and usually inform me like this "Mummy, I need to take X Y & Z to school tomorrow please" usually at 6pm when everything is now shut apart from the supermarket!

However, we did manage to round up a fair amount of flowers, from a garden that is void of most flowers! We even stole some off the street!

The boys had to do several projects throughout the day.
Ben choose to do the following:-

A small collection

An aqua jar, which in fact turned out really well. He received a placing for it but I can't remember what!

A sand saucer presentation (think this was last minute decision)

Alex decided to do the following projects:-

A Sandsaucer

A fruit / vegetable Creation. It is a snowman in case you were wondering!

A Buttonhole

A Lid Presentation (think this was a last minute decision as well)
They both did really well and from what I can gather they both enjoyed it. Although earlier in the day Alex had annouced that he wasn't going to school that day as what they were doing was silly and boring. He said he had already done something like this at Kindy earlier in the year.
I gave the teacher full permission to push him into it with no holds bard. She happily agreed and then said later that he was all enthusiastic and loved doing it!

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