Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Santa Time

This was my first Christmas at this place of work so was interesting to see some of the things that took place. One of the usual things was a Secret Santa amongst the staff that wished to take part.

As usual our name was duely placed in a hat and you got to draw a name out.
A $10 limit was placed on the present and away you all went, having 2 weeks to come up with something good, but fun.

Now I am not sure what got into my head, maybe I was having end of year itus, maybe my brain had decided to finally turn to mush or maybe I just got enthralled by all the wonderful things I saw on all the blogs I follow, but this is what I gave as my gift

I got inspired by Heidi over here, so I do have someone to blame.
I saw what she had made and decided that I could adapt it in true Kathryn fashion to something.
The receiver thought it was lovely, so that was good. Me I was just amazed that I remembered what to do seeing as it has been ages, and I mean ages, since I last did any craft work.

Santa was also very lucky this year at our house. Whilst out Christmas shopping one evening I came across this lovely plate set for him.
So the boys had great fun filling it up for him to snack on whilst visiting us.

Think it is actually meant to be used as general stuff but it will make a nice tradition in our house to put Santa's plate out each year.

The cat also got in the Christmas spirit this year.

Not sure if she was hoping that if she stayed there someone would leave her a present or if she was hoping Santa would take her with him when he had visited?

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kimara said...

I love the snacks for Santa we alway do that as well. I love you mini quilt hanging it is beautiful! Looks like Kitty found a snug place to be.