Friday, January 28, 2011

Sign of the Times

This big old world has definitely moved forward 20 paces!
Steve and I were talking about getting a new television and Ben's solution to the old one was to put it in their room! I don't think so.

I told Ben that I had to earn the money for my first tv set in my bedroom when I was 18.
Later Steve and I were talking and I mentioned about how many computers we would one day have in the house when the boys required one for school etc in their rooms, he laughed, and reminded me that I had said no to a tv set but was saying yes to a computer!

However, the sign of the times is showing, when as a family in the car we were discussing mini golf. The conversation went like this:

Ben: Mummy when are we going to play mini golf?
Me: Not sure baby, why?
Ben: Well there use to be a golf course on this road didn't there?
Me: Yes, but they removed it. But don't worry mummy will find out where there is another in Hamilton.
Ben: Well just go to and look it up!
Me: Speechless!!!

Shame the address is all wrong, but he obviously has the gist of this internet thing down fine, but then every ad on tv does usually promote the company website, so only a matter of time before they use that more than telephones and yellow pages!

Ok world you can slow down a little now please, my babies are still only babies and I want to keep it that way for a couple of years more thanks.

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