Monday, January 10, 2011

Blogging and Life

I have 22 posts waiting to be written. I have pictures to add to them and I have a computer that just doesn't seem to want to play the game!
For some strange reason our pc just does not want to upload pictures onto blogger, but seeing as this is the computer that I empty the camera on, then I keep trying, just in case, on the off chance that maybe, just maybe one day it will work!

So my solution to this is to write the posts sat at the desk on this pc, much more comfortable and less distracting that using the lap top, but then I put all my pics on a USB and up load them via the lap top, then I publish them.

So if you managed to understand all that you will understand why blogging has gone a little quiet in this house, as it is not a simple affair of writting a few lines and adding a picture! I actually have to have both computers working at the same time and believe me that takes more than 5 minutes, because if you leave the lap top running, there are suddenly 10 little fingers itching to get on there to 'play games mummy?'

My kids are not afraid of computers and have embrassed them into their lives with no problems at all. Ben is even left handed but no one ever told him to use the mouse on the left side, so he has even managed to learn how to use the mouse like everyone else. If he keeps that going then he will have a great time being able to use the mouse and write with the other hand, save on that having to leave the mouse, pick up a pen and then re find mouse scenario that we all go through when on the computer.

As I read somewhere on a blog, we are already into the 2nd week of 2011 and already it is flying by. Holiday programme and work are now back on the regular agenda and the new calendar is slowly filling with family commitments.
Not too long and then there will be school and sports to add to the daily routine, man things sure do fly by now.

To keep me occupied I still have my challenges to complete. They have been in my head all during our holiday, planning how I can achieve them and what I need to do to get some of them started. Hopefully I will have bits to post about on them soon, and 1 or 2 will already be achieved. I will have great pleasure in crossing off the first few on my challenge page.

Have a great week everyone

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