Thursday, January 13, 2011

Judo End of Year

As you all know by now, Judo is playing a large part in this family currently.
So it was with great pleasure that we were able to swing a few things to be able to attend the end of year party. It was held the day after the Wedding in Rotorua, so we drove back for it the next morning!

It was a day of fun and laughter.
The kids played loads of fun games like egg and spoon race, throwing and catching eggs (un cooked of course) and multiple others, that involved water, balls and chocolate!
A BBQ lunch of sausage sizzle was provided and everyone was in a relaxed mood.

The end of year party was also the time when all the trophies were given out for the year.
So everyone sat around and cheered as people got awarded trophies for all their hard work throughout the year.

Ben and Alex were no exception and both managed to walk away with a trophy.
Ben got awarded with 'PeeWee Judoka of the Year'
Alex got awarded with 'Most Promising PeeWee'

They both deserved them and have worked very hard over the last 9 months so we were very proud of them.

All those trophies to be awarded

Way to go Alex

Way to go Ben

Jared is slightly taller, but the boys love him, shame he is moving to the next class up this year! He will be missed by the boys

One tradition that apparently happens at the end of year party is slime. Yep, good old fashion slime that you run through, roll in and slip and slide around with.
So several large buckets were made up, one very large tarp was put down and several kids had a right old time slipping and sliding all around the place.

hose needed as slime was made with soap and stung when got in an eye!

What an awesome way to end the year of very hard work by everyone.

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kimara said...

You are going blog crazy girlfiend! Good job boys and the slip slidding looks so fun!