Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sandcastle Time

Once again we have been lucky enough to get to spend some quality time at the caravan during the Christmas Holidays.
Everyone just loves it there as it is so relaxing.

The boys spend day after day zooming around the camp site on their bikes, which by the way, they are getting so good at using. They always get so confident on their bikes when there. It is great.
They are in and out of everyones tents and caravans as they play with all their friends and in fact sometimes we can go hours with not actually seeing them, but we are not bothered, as they know the rules for the boundaries of the camp and we know they come back when tired, thirsty or hungry.

It is a relaxing time for us as well, because of the boys not being in our face. We get to sit and think for more than 5 minutes before someone is asking for something.
There is nothing to actually achieve whilst there so no rush to actually do anything!
Just our kinda holiday.

However this year the new owners of the site decided to assist with it being a family friendly site and planned loads of activities for the children.
There have been planned cricket games, T ball games, sandcastle building, art fests and crab hunting.
The kids have loved it all.

Alex in particular enjoyed the sandcastle building. He got right into this, dragging daddy down to the estaury with bucket and spade and proceeding to design his dream building, well if you can call it that.
It was however all his very own creation and that is what I love.

There were many children there with parents, who stood back and watched their parents build their desired creation, not sure if the kids or parents enjoyed this activity more. The children occassionally got sent on hunting missions to find a desired piece of wood or some seaweed for decoration. But other than that the children stood by and watched their parents become kids again!

It was a well attended competition and everyone had a lot of fun in the mud sand!

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kimara said...

i can't believe you are building Sandcastles whilst we are snowed in! We have had some crazy weather lately! I would prefer the sandcastles.....looks like it was fun!