Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Holidays and Sickness

Our Christmas holiday has been great. We all had such fun.
Alex desperately wanted to stay home for Christmas this year.
Turns out, that with having the caravan, we have gone away for Christmas every year and he decided that he wanted to have a Christmas where he could come downstairs and see the presents under the tree.
We really couldn't argue with that at all.
So Christmas morning was spent at home.

By lunchtime we were on the road and heading to my cousin's house for a family day.
Alex didn't actually seem to mind that his vision of a whole day at home had suddenly been abruptly cut short and now we were on the move again.
I had to make a dessert to take with us, so opted for a traditional Kiwi one and made a pavlova. Alex had strict instructions not to drop it and hold on tight.

We had an awesome family day, with 30 others, drinking, eating and being very merry.
We then spent the next 2 weeks at the caravan and there are many posts on the blog about the fun things we got up to.

Unfortunately that wonderful time has now ended and we are back to work and holiday programme, well at least 3 of us are.
Me, I am off sick, yep that is right, first full week back and I am off for the first 2 days! I was at work last week for 2 days so have been back since Christmas.
Turns out my insides don't want to play the working party game and have been churning and cramping for 36 hours now.
Steve was concerned this morning and decided I needed to see a Doctor, which I had already decided myself at 3am!
So he happily came home from work at 9.30 and took me to my appointment.
I already had a feeling in my head that maybe I had Irritable Bowel, although we can not pin point any particular food that I have eaten that may have sparked it off, in myself I feel quite fine, although a little tired. So had looked the symptoms up on the internet, like all good medical personel do before going to see the Doctor!

The doctor sort of agreed with me and explained nothing I didn't already know.
He has given me some anti cramping pills and it is now a waiting game to see if they do the trick, although he wants to know tomorrow if they haven't.

Currently 3 hours after taking them, they haven't worked yet, although he did say a few hours. So hopefully by tonight things may have settled.
He has told me to stay away from food today, although I can't say I have eaten much this last 24 hours. I don't actually fancy any food but have had the odd moment where I feel rather hungry and I have eaten something because I know I will feel worse if I don't, but it has not been much at all.

So that is the start to 2011, let's hope it doesn't last long and that everything settles really soon!

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tartankiwi said...

Sounds like you had a great Christmas and that Pavlova looks yummy! Sorry to hear that you are not feeling too good at the moment. Hope that the medication kicks in soon.