Friday, January 28, 2011

Interest Free Wonder

Steve and I have been discussing, for several weeks months, the benefit of buying a flat screen tv for the living room.
It is something that I know will one day happen and I am not against it, we just don't really need it at present.
However, as all the extra machines (DVD player, Blue Ray, Sky, TIVO sort of thing) in the living room slowly die and get up dated, then it becomes more obvious that our old large square box tv is just not compatible with these other machines. Well it is compatible in that they play but we have picture and sound quality issues.

So when Steve told me of a staff discount day at one of the local homeware stores, then I rushed on over and sussed out the best deals. Needless to say I stood my ground and we decided we didn't need to buy the tv that day as we would have to come up with the money up front there and then!
The reason being that this particular store is very good at having interest free deals all the time.

In 2005, just as Alex was born, we realised we needed a bed for Ben to sleep in, so we got bunk beds from said store and got them on interest free credit. 36 months actually with 12 months deferred payment. We had the boys sleeping in the beds for nearly 3 years before we finally paid for them.

Now let me just inform you, we pay the amount off before the interest free period ends, so in fact this company really doesn't like us at all! We never pay any interest because as soon as we make the purchase I divide the amount by the months and pay that monthly amount. It is always much more than their recommended minimum payment of 3%. So in the last 5 odd years of being with them they have gained no extra money from us at all. They must hate us!

So from then on whenever we have wanted anything for the house, we choose it in the store and then wait until they have a good interest free promotion on. And oh boy have they had some good ones.
In 2006 we brought a new digital camera on 24 months interest free, I think the camera had died before we had finished paying for it.
In 2008 we brought all the new appliances for the kitchen on 40 months interest free, we are just coming to end of paying something stupid like $67 a month.
Last year it was decided that a Laptop computer was really needed for me to do my studies, seeing as I have to travel an hour to see the tutor, so we brought it when they had 48 months interest free. Think it would have been fairer to them to just give me the computer because they are making absolutely no money out of us at all, not at $50 for the next 4 yrs and no interest!

So after Christmas we saw that the company had had a special on over Christmas of 50 months interest free. 2 weekends ago it was down to 30 months and last weekend they only had a discounted price on, no interest free period. Their specials usually only last for a weekend, so if you want to get that special then you have to go there and then.
Steve said lets go, 30 months is good, but I know this store and told him to wait.........and sure enough, for this holiday weekend they have 50 months interest free till Monday.

So I have succummed and told Steve to go and get his TV this weekend, it may not get put on the wall just yet but at 50 months, it is just stupid a time not to buy it.
Think my husband will be way happy this weekend.

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