Monday, January 31, 2011


Here is my blogging question.....?
How do I reply to people's comments?

I have noticed that when I leave comments on others blogs (they are usually blogspot like me too, not just wordpress) they email me a reply to comment or say thanks.
I would love to do this to some that comment here, but I don't know how?

Anyone know any little secret they are willing to share with me anytime soon?


Miriam said...

Hi - I think it depends on the site. With wordpress you have to put your email address in and so the author can see these. With blogger if people use their google account I guess you could see that??? I see your comment area only allows google users so I would have thought you could see the emaila addresses somewhere. Another blogger user might be more help. I replied to your dress comment too and put the pattern number in.

tartankiwi said...
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tartankiwi said...
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tartankiwi said...

I have deleted my previous incorrect ramblings, as the correct answer suddenly came to me (in the middle of a pre-bedtime breastfeed) and I just had to come on here and write it down before I forget!
I have my blog set up to send me email notifications to say that I have comments. I just reply to these emails. You will see when its not possible (people haven't activated their email in blogger etc) as their email address is :

Phew, it took a while, but I got there!! Sorry for the waffle that it took to get here, just blame baby brain!