Thursday, January 13, 2011

Unexpected Challenges

I am currently working my way through 100 Challenges as shown here. Those I know about, I can read the list and sort of plan how and when they will get completed, at my pace in my time.
What I am not prepared for is the unexpected challenges that cross your Thread Worms.

Yes you read correctly, like Thread worms.
Alex had been, on very sporadic occassions, complaining of a tummy ache at meal times. Nothing bad and maybe once every 2 weeks, no pattern to it or anything. I always told him it was because he was hungry. Once dinner was finished he never complained of tummy ache again.

He has also, on a very sporadic occassion, been complaining of an itchy bottom. Now that was the one that made me originally think about worms, but he showed no other signs and the complaints were at odd times of the day, never at night, when I know they are active. Again it never had a pattern to the complaints and sometimes you forgot he had mentioned it because it was so long since he last mentioned it!

However last night he came into me at about 11pm, crawling over the bed, wriggling saying bum hurt. Now I do remember being told somewhere that to discover worms you need to do it in the dark. You need to get the child all prepared and have a flashlight ready and when all is ready shine said light on the area.
Well low and behold it worked......not that I am proud of the fact or anything, but there was the worm.
Alex is our little helper man, he loves being in the garden and helping out. So it is no surprise, although I have a feeling this has come from school!

Alex has been at school for 6 months now. Within 3 weeks he had head lice, which we treated, and then within 6 more weeks he had it again. Now Thread worms! I just love the challenges of school.

Luckily I knew we had medication, so we proceeded to administer, although unfortunately we only had enough for 2 people, so seeing as Alex has them then he got some, well what he would swallow, we are going to complete his dose today. Because I have had such painful insides for last 3 days then I had a dose as well. Today I will go to the Pharmacy and get more to dose the rest of the family.

Even though I am off sick from work, my job today, in between resting, is cleaning sheets, vacuuming bedrooms and wiping down areas of importance, anything to ensure we break the cycle of the beast! Alex, still wears a nighttime nappy, so I have a feeling that it may have stayed contained at night, but am not taking any risks.

These are the joys of parenting, these are the things they forgot to tell you about when you signed on for this gig. These are the things that only parents get the joy of experiencing. These are the things that even if they do tell you about them, you forget them all when gazing into the ever so cute and gorgeous eyes of your new born baby thinking that nothing like that will ever effect your family!

Ha, don't believe them, it can happen, it will happen, enjoy parenting!


kimara said...

Poor kid! I remember having worms and not loving it! I didn't get to have my medication by mouth though!

clare's craftroom said...

Thankyou so much for letting me know about the new friend you found through my blog ! That is such great news and I am really thrilled . That alone makes the whole exercise worthwhile !