Tuesday, October 25, 2011

5 Minute Rant and Rave Because I Can and I Need Too!!

Sorry, if you don't want to read a very big rant and rave then please skip this post and wait for a happier one tomorrow!

I have just changed jobs at work. I have gone from a clinical setting to a desk job. I am very excited about it and see this as a growth within my career. It is all still within the hospital and I am going to be learning a lot about the business running of the hospital over the actual hands on nursing, although my nursing knowledge will be used and stretched no doubt over the next year.

Sadly the department I have come from is small, very busy and very short of staff. They have had people changing hours over the last year, people have left and in a nut shell they don't seem to have replaced any of them, well no that is not true, they employed 2 nurses and 1 left after 6 weeks! Nothing to do with the job more to do with family and the fact they lived in Ireland and she was here in NZ.
So for me to get seconded to a position went down like a ton of bricks, although if they had all had their eyes open just a little more they would have realised that I applied for this position just like applying for a new job, which I was successful at obtaining.

So in the last 2 weeks of being in my old department they discussed about going out to dinner, the place was so busy and people away here there and everywhere that we planned it for the first week after I had left.
Unfortunately they ran the department on 3 nurses that week and had to cancel the dinner due to no one being available, which I had no problem with.

This is where the rant comes in folks - when I went up to the department the following week it became apparent that a new date was not going to be organised, there was no sign up or anything. The person planning it all had found out that I had applied for the job and not just been seconded, for some reason this annoyed her very much (not going to swear on here today otherwise I just won't stop!) although what difference it makes I just don't know.
So I am not bothered, well just a little, how can they be so petty and stupid, grow up will you! People change jobs all the time, 1/3 of the hospital runs on secondments don't they know this! Man they really are living in the dark ages there and think their department is the most special little place in the world and the hospital should revolve around them.

However the real bullet moment happened today when I arrived at work, the real reason I am ranting and raving, the moment that hit me in the gut, the moment when just for 2 minutes I was p****ed of with my old department and actually let it get to me.......

I arrived to find an internal envelope sitting on my desk, oh I thought, who is sending me anything? On opening it I now do not want what was sent to me, in fact I opened it and 2 seconds later walked out my office to find my husband (who works in the next building) so I could scream at someone and sadly cry too!

So what was in the envelope I hear you ask?

They had kindly thoughtfully sent through the Good Luck Card and gift that they had put together and were obviously going to give me at the dinner! But because they are so p****ed at me for leaving (well they haven't actually said but I think they are) they can't be bothered! There was no phone call to say 'please pop up to the department when you have a moment' no 'hey lets catch up for drink instead of dinner' or anything, just a card and a small gift in an INTERNAL post envelope sent through the hospital internal post!

I was speechless, I just sat there and stared at the stuff, not sure exactly what to do or even say. It felt like I was handling stolen goods, you want to touch it but you know you really don't want to but you are curious.
My empty stomach (no breakfast yet!) hit the empty bottom very quickly and hurt.
As you can imagine I felt about that tall and a little less more, they really managed to hit me and make it hurt.
As mentioned before, all I could do was go and see Steve, I meant to just show him what they had sent but as I stood in his door and told him "I knew the answer to how to make someone feel like crap" I just cried.

I worked there for 20 months, ok I clashed with the acting manager in the last 6 months but only because we were so a like and she liked to be controlling!
I hate giving them the satisfaction of tears, I am sure that is not what they had intended, they obviously just thought it would be nice to get the gift to me that they had kindly got for me, but come on there are much better ways of doing that.

My secondment finishes Oct 1 next year, in the January after I am planning on doing my teacher training, so I will have 3 months where offically (if my secondment is not extended) I will be going back to my old department, as of today I will scrimp, scrap and save so I don't have to go back there, I will become a SAHM instead. On Sept 1 they will be receiving my resignation if my secondment is not extended, if it is then I may extend and do my training the following year but you can guarentee I will not be working back there, why would I want to?


Alison said...

Hope you feel a bit better after that....some people just don't think things through very well!
Alison xx

Deb said...

Oh that just sucks big time. I can't understand the way people think sometimes. I think with unit type areas, people get very set in their ways and they forget there is a whole big organisation out there and they are just a small cog in the grand scheme of things. It's such a shame they cannot be happy for you and your success in getting the new job. I am so sorry you have had such a crap deal from that dept. Give me a call sometime and we can go across the road for coffee...

Laurie said...

Bet most of their problem was sour grapes ... as you were leaving them in the lurch to their way of thinking and bet they wished it was them that had the get up and go to move on .. big hugs Mum x