Sunday, October 30, 2011

Art Work

At the caravan they have started to decorate the surrounding campsite area with some wonderful artwork.
From what I can gather as well it is by a local artist, which I think is a great way to showcase the talent in the area.

The owners of the campsite have just placed all the following artwork up in the hotpool area to spruce the place up.

I liked them and thought you might too.


Linds said...

They are the most gorgeous paintings! So much talent about.

And please know that I never expect people to comment every day! I was just surprised that there were zero comments that day, but it appears that there has been a technical hitch and error messages and GAH!!! Way beyond me. I will leave it for the techs to sort!

Alison said...

Fab mosaics...TFS!
Alison xx