Monday, October 10, 2011

Holiday Programme

My children are the unlucky ones who have to endure Holiday Programmes every school holiday times.
Sadly no sitting at home for 2 weeks with undivided attention from mum, who has a chart made up with every activity under the sun organised!

Now Ben has been attending since he was 5 and he loves it. No other way to discribe it, he has no worries going there, he loves the leaders, he knows them all, he loves helping out and organising people which they happily let him do. He would go 5 days a week if we let him.
He feels the same about before and after school care. Again, if allowed, he would go every morning and afternoon. So we have had no worries sending him there at all.

Alex, well he is a different kettle of fish. he goes because he has too, not because he wants to be there. He will loudly tell you he doesn't enjoy it but secretly I know he does, just a little.

He finds the holiday programme long, but then the poor things are there from 07.45 till 5pm on the days that they go, so I don't blame him, think I would get a little bored with the place when there like that all that time per day.
They do have organised activites but most afternoons it consists of sitting and watching a movie or 2. Alex doesn't mind movies but if he gets bored with it or isn't enjoying it, then he wants to do something else and I get the feeling from the boys that sometimes, watching the movie is what they are doing and there is nothing else to do, you are not allowed to go and chase a ball in the main gym area. So I can see how this would frustrate the crap out of Alex.

This school holidays, however, will be the real little test as Ben has just turned 8. That means he is now in the 8-11 age group and they meet somewhere different to the 5-7. So the boys are in seperate areas, seperate buildings to be more precise, on seperate grounds.
Ben, well no worries, he is somewhere he loves and will just go with the flow, if not then he will organise it so things are how he wants them.
Alex, well watch this space, will be interesting to see what he has to say about the whole day, what he got up to and how things went. Without his brother there he may have a fabulous day and be all smiles or we may have the 'I don't like YMCA' bit when we drive home.

However it turns out we will deal with it, although we have already had the stomach aches at 07.30 this morning!

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Alison said...

Oh I do hope he enjoys the new setup!
Alison xx