Saturday, October 08, 2011

Family Fun

Back at the beginning of 2006, after I had returned to work after having Alex, I came across a website called Family Fun. It is a site and organisation that is run in part by Disney.

It is a website dedicated to everything to do with fun in the family.
  • crafts
  • recipes
  • activities
  • parenting ideas
  • party ideas
  • family evening activites
  • printables - colouring pages, quiz, puzzles
There is always something that you know will work with your family.
They even have a magazine that is produced 10 times per year. They only produce 1 edition over July and August (summer holiday time) and again in December and January (Christmas holiday time).
It is happily delivered to New Zealand and is usually only about a week or 2 out. (I just received October's the other day) Although there are not many competitions that you can enter because sadly you do need to be an citizen of US to enter, but that is no worry. Also if there was a specially celebration holiday at the beginning of the month, you may find they had a great idea for an activity that sadly gets to you too late, but by checking out the website often you can see it on there first before receiving the magazine!

From reading that last section you have by now worked out that this is in fact an American publication. I haven't found anything I can't adapt yet and yes sadly the magazine for summer activities does arrive slap bang in the middle of our winter but I see that as giving me plenty of planning time for the summer months ahead.

Go check them out here and see if you can't find something that will work for your family.

A couple of months ago they celebrated 20 years of Family Fun by giving you a chart to collect the monthly Badges of Fun on.

Chart can be printed from website

These badges are available 1 per month and gives you 10 activites to complete throughout the year.
In June the badge was Backyard Fun where you had to do something outside with the family.

In July the badge was Preserve Family Memories where you had to find a way to remember

In August the badge was Hit The Road where you had to take a family trip together, whether to Grandmas or the supermarket!

In September the badge was Learn Something New where you had to do something as a family that was new to you all.

Now in October the badge is Family Night Fun where you have to do something fun with the family at night. Play outside, games night etc.

Without realising it we have managed to complete all of these and I haven't even told the family that we are doing it!
Maybe it is time to sit them down and let them know what we have achieved so far and make plans for how to achieve the others as they come up each month.

I love receiving my magazine and seeing what fun activities are suggested. There are awesome art creations as well but I have never ventured there but if you were a school teacher, kindy teacher or daycare person you may find some wonderful ideas on things to make with the kids etc.

In another post sometime I will write about what we have done to achieve each badge, if you start completing the badges, then let me know. Would love to see what you did.

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