Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Blog Name

What is in a blog name?
Not much I am sure but the owner of the blog may tell you otherwise!
How did you name your blog?

My mother is always stealing posts from my blog for hers, well when I actually remember to blog that is!, so I decided to steal an idea from hers. Fair is fair mum!

Anyway, her post was about how the name for your blog came about?
Why did you choose the name you did, why is the address what it is? Have you changed it since you started the blog all those years ago?

My blog is called 'Life Today' and it is exactly that, a blog about life today.
I think I chose my address with blogspot before having a title for the blog, thus the reason it is different, but it is amazing how many people's url address is not the same as the blog title.
Have I changed the title at anytime? No

I can't say I have ever really thought about changing it....maybe on the odd occassion when I come across someone else's who has a super cool name for their blog and I wonder why I didn't come up with something super cool too. But for the most part no.

What about you?
Any interesting story behind your blogs name?

Leave me a message if you have so I can come over and read your story.


Alisa said...

I often read blogs and wish I had a cool name like theirs but really my blog name suits my blog and yours if perfect for yours :)

Karin said...

Thank you for visiting my blog! Yes, I do think the pink outfit would work well for work. LOL If only it came in human size!! :-)

My blog name, Sum of Mum, came about as a play on words - Sometimes, the sum total of me; sometimes, some of me. I also really like how the letters look together. Additionally, it was a long hard road to becoming a parent so I wanted my blog title to reflect this, if tangentially so.

Interesting question!