Friday, October 07, 2011

Home Show

Every year at this time the Home Show comes to Hamilton.
They are always more elaborate than last year but I can't always say they are bigger, some years I have noticed they seem a little smaller with slightly less stall holders.

We never go with a particular item in mind, more often than not, we are just going to see. See what takes our fancy, see what people are suggesting is the new way of doing something, seeing what crazy new gadget is out that apparently we just can't live without.....not!

We do however like looking at the spa pools and dreaming of what it would be like to have one in the back garden.

We like to look at the new invented ways of having a sun shade in the garden, because maybe one day when we have our deck we might have a sun shade, although by the time we get round to it umbrellas will be back as the new in thing to have.

I love checking out the crazy selling speel the man goes through to get you to buy not just 1 but 2 steam mops, because we all have houses that are large enough to need 2 of the dam things.

We love looking at the next best thing in decorating, the thing that will help you do something and it will also 'save you time and money' yea right.
Any new cleaning product that works wonders on any surface and is still only made from 'baking soda' or 'vinegar'.
We dream of how crazy it would be to have new appliances in the kitchen that are all psychodelic pink or green because SMEG seems to think we all want weird colour appliances.

We are also happy to sample any and all new drinks, wines, cheeses and fudge anyone has to offer to try and tempt us to purchase they new product.

Generally we have found the Home Show to be a great evening out for the family, where we wander round viewing everything and then go home with absolutely nothing to show for it!

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kimara said...

We have them here too and it is the same thing. Here you have to pay to get in! I always thought it was funny to pay to go into have people try to sell you stuff, and yet year after year we go!