Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Blow My Own Trumpet

Occassionally you can be really proud of yourself and feel like you want to tell the world.
Unfortunately some people then think you are showing off when all you really wanted to do was celebrate when you have achieved something great or be proud of your own success for just 2 minutes.

Well this is one of those times when I am going to pronouce to the world how wonderful I think I am and how proud of myself I am too.

I am currently, slowly, completing my Degree in Nursing. This entails 1 paper every 6 months and each paper requires 2 essays.
The first was Nursing Knowledge and I completed this between Feb and Jul of this year. The results for that paper are as follows:
  • Essay 1 = 79%
  • Essay 2 = 72%
  • Overal Paper Mark = 76% = B+
Yea for me, well impressed with myself

The 2nd paper I am doing is Law and Ethics within Nursing, this is being completed from Jul through to Nov.
And yes the reason I am writing all this is because I just got my result for essay 1 of this paper.
Now before I give you the result, let me tell you I felt this was one of my worst papers, I did everything in a 48 hour window one weekend (in fact the weekend as it was due!) and when I went through the marking sheet as answering the questions I really only put myself in the low 60's, but then I didn't care as I only need 50% to pass the paper.

So it is no wonder, as I sat at my desk this morning at work that I let out a little celebratory yippee as I read the result of 85% for essay 1.

I am very proud of myself and I want the whole world to know it.
Now I just have to complete essay 2 in the next 3 weeks and I am done with study for this year and have a nice summer holiday till Feb next year.

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Deb said...

Congrats, I think that is fabulous. To combine tertiary study with work and family life is a big commitment. I have 1 year to go and my masters is done so I so know what you are going through. Keep up the good work. And congrats on the new job. I have moved on as well...now in HDU.