Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Email Address

A couple of months ago I thought I would get clever, well a little more than I currently am.
However it looked like it backfired on me slightly big time.
You see I decided to set up an email account for my blog so people could contact me via it if they wanted, what with privacy and everything I decided I wanted a seperate one just for here and then keep my personal one just for me.
So I ventured where all others have gone before and created a gmail email.
Having had success I changed everything on here at blogger so all comments went to that as well as my personal account, all good so far.

However I then had trouble with the password and after a few weeks of this I gave up and left it alone for a little while, although I was still silly enough to leave all my blogger correspondences going to it! (duh). However that little while unbeknown to me turned into months and today I finally remembered what I had done and went and ventured forth into the world of my gmail email account. The password was sorted and it wasn't too painful obtaining access.

Well low and behold I had mail, lots of mail (102 actually) and no it wasn't spam either.
I had all the comments people had left me, which luckily I have read as they go to my personal email as well but I also had lots of comments back from people where I had commented on their blog, so sorry I missed them guys.
I also had 1or 2 companies wanting to do giveaways on my blog. Now I am not often sure about companies getting in touch but having seen several other blogs post about how they had "morning tea shouts" on so and so company and "how about winning this free thing" so and so was offering. I did often wonder how they managed to score these lovely giveaways?
Well now I know, you need to check your email connected with your blog more often and then you might never know what could come your way.

So I am back up and running with this blog only email and look forward to being more in touch with you guys.
Maybe, you never know, I may have a giveaway or 2 at some stage before the end of the year and yes I would include all my lovely friends from overseas in this.

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Linds said...

My life was revolutionised when i linked my gmail blog account to my phone and actually got to check it every time I checked the other emails! I was just a bad as you were initially. It takes a while. Good grief I should be better - I have been blogging for 6 years now!

I have also had emails offering giveaways. I have not done anything about them yet, but may well do so in the next few weeks. I am going to ask a few friends what they think as well.