Sunday, October 09, 2011

Snail Mail

Snail mail what ever is she on about, I can hear you thinking?
Do we really remember what this is? Because I was seriously thinking this art had disappeared, poff vanished!

Do any of you ever really send any snail mail anymore? Come on now be honest, when was the last time you visited a mail box in the street to send something to someone? Ok so I can now hear some of you asking if the boxes are still on the side of the street? And I will sadly grace your question with a full answer of 'Yes' they are still there somewhere if you know the right places to look!

Now by snail mail I am not just leaning towards bills and cheques for paying someone, I mean fully fledged snail mail to a friend or relative, telling them about your family, an exciting thing that just happened or even god forbid a birthday card, welcome baby card or even if anyone remebers them a get well soon card.

Go check you address book now, ok yes the one on your computer, do you actually have address's for all the important people in your life? Do you even have the postcode for that address? Most postal services are pushing for postcodes nowadays!
Did you, big step here now folks, even send any Christmas Cards this year?
I can admit to sending out Christmas Cards and no I don't do it just to see how many I receive back but I was quite shocked at only receiving 3 this last Christmas! Have people just stopped communicating?

I am currently taking part in Blogtoberfest, where you blog 31 times in 31 days throughout October, in other words 1 a day for the whole month.
Anyone who signs up for this at Tinniegirl's Place can go and check out the blogs of others taking part too.
So this morning I have sat in bed and whiled away my time visiting blogs from all over the world.

One I visited was Staring at the Sea and she had a post on there about having just taken part in a Mail Art Exchange. Along the lines of decorating a card and envelope and sending it to someone who you have been given the address of. Like a swap I guess.
However she enjoyed this project so much that when she discovered this next project she thought 'why not?'

It is a project where, starting today Oct 9, you plan to send 1 piece of snail mail each week for a year. To find out more about it check out their Facebook Page or read more about it here.
You do not sign up to a list, you do not get given anyone special you have to send too, you just do this because you want to, because you want to send something to people you know, you want to try and remember to send birthday cards throughout one whole year.
If you are a creator then why not buy a bunch of blank postcards and decorate the front and send 1 to a friend or relative. Maybe you have some fun paper and can get creative making the envelope instead.

If you find a photo of someone and you think they would appreciate a copy then copy it and send it to them, via snail mail, not as an attachment!
See a poem you know someone would like, then print it out and send it to them telling them it made you think of them. Or even just put pen to paper and write something to someone...!

The mail man, he does still exsist, he still comes round to your house 5 or 6 days a week. Ok like mentioned previously, he may only drop off bills and fliers advertising things, but how much more fun it would be if there was something bright and colourful and personal in amongst those bills?

Also remember, you may have not been to a post office shop for a while but they too still exsist, they even still sell those stamp thingys that you require to send snail mail. they even have pretty ones with special pictures on occasionally to commemorate a special time or promote something special that is happening. Maybe you can try and send things with pretty stamps on rather than the boring generic everyday ones.

 When I was younger, ok who am I kidding here I still love it now, I loved receiving things that had interesting stamps on. Special ones that were only for that week or month.

So have fun with this, run with it, create more work for the post people. If you want someone to send something to, then leave me a message. Always happy to receive things, even if it is just a note saying "hope your day was good?" surrounded by an exoticly created envelope.

Have fun.


MyFiveMinutes! said...

funny isnt it. i send some christmas cards but yes my efforts are limited to the closest few now so i too only recieve minimal cards sad isnt it. I'm now useless at bday cards etc. i do send my grandmothers a letter a few times a year but i have been tsk tsk'd for this because i now type and print rather than handwriting. I do post the beautiful preschool art that comes home to all the grandparents... but i rarely send a note.
I'll keep my eye out to post someone something :)

Alison said...

Love your post! I've seen the '52 weeks of mail' badge cropping up on a few blogs and am seriously thinking of joining up.....I took part in 'Mail Art Exchange' and loved doing it- though I am in no way 'arty'!
Alison xx

Angelfish said...

So glad you've decided to join in too :o) Thanks for stopping by my blog.
Fiona xx