Wednesday, October 26, 2011

All About Me

Over here at Fee's Place she had a little meme going which was titled "All About Me"
So I have answered all about me and look forward to finding all about you too.

A. age : 40 (well for another 4 weeks anyway!)

B. bed size : King

C. chore that you hate : Cleaning - unless I am in the mood, which lets face never!

D. dogs : No dogs, but have 2 cats

F. favorite colour : I use to say pink, but this has changed as I have gotton older and now I am not so sure I can stick it down to just 1 colour!

G. gold or silver : Gold

H. height : 5 Foot 4 Inches (or 163cm if you want to get pc)

I. instruments you play : I play the clarinet, although I haven't played it since I left school in 1988

J. job title : Just changed jobs, so went from Nurse to Analyst during 8-5, othertimes then Mum

K. kids : 2 - Ben 8 & Alex 6

L. live : Hamilton in the mighty Waikato, New Zealand

M. mother’s name : Laurie

N. nicknames : Don't have one, although when I was little it was Katy Lou, but that stopped when I was about 10, my dad calls me Floss sometimes but actually don't have one unless you class "MUM" as a nickname!

O. overnight hospital stays : Wisdom Teeth @ 18, 2 births nothing else

P. pet peeves : alcohol, the fact that people abuse it so easily

Q. quote from a movie : there are so many.......

R. right or left handed : Right

S. siblings : 1 brother - I am the oldest

T. time you wake up : Don't like getting up am not a morning person!

U. underwear : Yes I wear underwear and no it does not match

V. vegetable you hate : Carrots and mushrooms

W. what makes you run late : My family......

X. x-rays you’ve had : pelvis, ankle, neck, teeth

Y. yummy food that you make : Anything sweet

Z. zoo animal : the red pandas, although we haven't been to the zoo for a long time and really should start going again now that they do a decent family pass.

Leave a comment and I will swing on by and find out more about you too.

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kimara said...

I love it! I am stealing it for my blog! I hope that is OK