Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I have finished my 2nd paper for this term.
That means, unless I have to resubmit (which god help me if I do!), I have finished all my study for this year.

And it was that easy folks, 2 papers completed throughout the year and only 2 more left to do next year and then hey presto (if only a magic wand would help!) I will have completed everything to obtain my Bachelor Degree in Nursing.

It has had its good moments, like passing a paper with 85% through to tearing my hair out when I can't find any references to back up what I want to say not what they would like me to say!
I have had stressful moments when I wonder why I am putting myself through all this, and only at Degree level when everyone tells me it should really be at Masters level! But there have also been times when I know why I am doing this and know this is my only way forward, this then spurs me to keep going, because then I know I only have myself to answer to when things don't go how I would like them too.

So the year of study has ended, I am not happy with this paper but also am not going to stress over it anymore. You can gain 40% of the mark just on presentation, correct referencing and correct academic standards alone, so to gain about 60% which I will be perfectly happy with I really only have to get 25% to match the 35% I normally manage to collect for the presentation side.
This 60% along with my 85% (pure fluke I am sure) from paper 1 will give me an overal mark of about 70% and that is still a B, so a B on both papers of this year is excellent in my eyes and that is all that matters.

Let the holidays begin

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Alison said...

A 'B' sounds good to me..well done on completing the year!
Alison xx